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HGV Driver Training in York, Leeds and the Surrounding Areas

Are you considering a change of career that enables you to embrace professional life on the roads? Our HGV Driver Training opens you to the endless mileage of opportunities to do just that. On this page, explore our HGV training courses and what’s involved.

Here at A1 Town & Country LGV Training, we are helping those across York, Leeds and all the surrounding areas achieve their goals in establishing a new career as a highly desirable professional driver that many working sectors will want to rely on.

Contact us today to find out anything you need to know from one of our friendly HGV instructors. We offer HGV courses, including a Category C license and Category C + E License to get you where you need to be. With a 97% Pass rate, our increasingly industry-wide reputation for effective training brings newly qualified professionals onto the road in no time.


Discover Our 1 on 1 Training Courses

With HGV driver training, we do not waste time or energy, but provide straightforward, fast paced learning to all our new learner drivers. The courses we offer involve the following:

  • Comprehensive HGV Courses

  • 1 on 1 Training with Specialists

  • Complete HGV Driver Training

  • Driver CPC Case Study Module 2

  • Category C License

  • Category C + E License

  • CPC MOD 4 Training

  • CAT C Training

The Process Involved

When new prospective students call to enquire, we will answer all questions, and on deciding which course is specifically the one for them, they will then need to go to the post office to pick up D2 and D4 forms, which will then need to be filled out and given to us.

Next, they will then need to get in contact with D4 drivers to arrange a medical – the number for which is 0300 3030 668. The medical will need to be completed before arriving for training, the forms will need to be sent the DVLA office (in Swansea) and they will then return the license. Once the license is back from the DVLA - the customer can then book in for the theory test.

The theory test will come in 3 parts, and typically need to score 85/100 answers to questions correctly for the Hazard and Perception test to drive vehicle. Commercially the need to complete case module 2), module 4 will be completed with Andy in the truck.


Training in the Truck

Training is provided for the following different licenses:

  • CAT C (18 Ton lorry)

  • CAT C+3 (44 Ton Lorry)

  • CAT C - Truck only

  • CAT C+E - Truck and Trailor

All intensive training sessions for the above licenses are 3.5 days long with the 4th day being the test day. Extra training can be provided if required. Fails are not common due to our effective training methods, but in case of this, we will let you know that there is no immediate training after failing a test – instead, you just need to wait for 3 days before trying again. All tests are completed in the lorry that has been trained in.

To all our prospective learner drivers, we invite you to explore our testimonials page and contact us today for more information on all the benefits our HGV Driver training can bring you to your dream driver profession. We offer 1 on 1 Training, all different types of courses and modules, such the driver CPC case study module 2 and more in York, Leeds and the surrounding areas. Let us help you by getting you qualified and ready for the next stage of your professional future.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly team of experienced HGV Instructors today on 07787 850516 or 01904 651776 and receive advice regarding training courses.
We are available to you in Leeds, York and all the surrounding areas.
or contact us on our quick-send form