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HGV Courses in York, Leeds and the Nearby Areas | Experienced HGV Instructors

At A1 Town & Country LGV Training, our experienced HGV instructors provide new learners with the opportunity to pass with different qualifications that will see them on their way to becoming a highly sought professional driver.

We offer the chance to gain a category C license, category C+ E license and more here in York, Leeds and the surrounding areas. Training is often identical regardless of the vehicle, and if you opt for an intensive weeklong course to get you passing fast, we off you with 3.5 days of intensive training and 1 day for the test. It’s that efficient!

As heavy transport specialists with years of experience in qualifying new drivers with MOD 4 Training and more across the different types of heavy goods vehicles out there, you can depend on our HGV courses. Read on to learn more about what to expect.


A Day in the Course | What to Expect

Let’s have a look at what a day in the life of any of our students would look like on any of our HGV courses.

Each day will start at 9AM and finish at 3PM. There are 10 minutes for drink break in the morning, and then another break of 20 minutes is allotted for food and drink in the afternoon. To begin with, all the training is based on keeping the customer on bigger roads. This is to get them comfortable with that, and then moving down to smaller roads once they are more used to it.

The course includes 30 mins of MOD 4 training to finish off with at the end of each day, which is a demonstration test focusing on vehicle safety.

On the day of the test itself, mock tests can be provided to practice on before the final test. Our HGV instructors can provide topic-specific mock tests on areas to do with anything the student specifically wants to brush up on.

The training is performed around the local Leeds and Weatherby test centre and are always completed there at Weatherby test centre too. Customers will report to the key HGV Instructor, and then be escorted to the truck for training to commence each day.

Getting You Qualified | Heavy Transport Specialists

Our friendly and professional HGV instructors have years of expert knowledge and practical experience in qualifying new drivers with comprehensive category C + E licenses, MOD 4 training and more. Explore everything our HGV courses involve and the types of heavy goods vehicles you can expect to become proficient in handling. Talk to one of our team today.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly, experienced HGV Instructors today on 07787 850516 or 01904 651776 and receive advice regarding HGV courses.
We are available to you in Leeds, York and all the surrounding areas.
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