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Category C License in Leeds, York and the Nearby Areas

On this page, find out about our category C licences, and what makes these essential to propelling you into your future career on the road. At A1 Town & Country LGV Training, our experienced HGV instructors bring you a mix of comprehensive HGV driver training and HGV courses, including category C + E licenses and more to get you fully qualified and successfully on the road before you know it. Explore our gallery as well to view examples of these and other aspects training life with our specialist driving company in Leeds, York and the nearby areas we cover.

A category C vehicle is the more common type of heavy goods vehicle you come across. The category C license is one that allows professional drivers to manoeuvre vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes, not exceeding 32 tonnes. If you are looking at this page, you must be intrigued to know more about what’s involved for learning and qualifying to drive such heavy goods vehicles, so let’s dive in.


Driving Rigid Vehicles

Let’s look at the size and weight of the vehicles you should expect to one day handle as expertly as us when you train with A1 Town & Country LGV Training.

A category C license (sometimes known as a Class 2 vehicle license) is usually one that covers all vehicles that would count as a ‘standard lorry’ or what is sometimes referred to as a ‘rigid vehicle’. It will recognisably have some sort of trailer fixed permanently to it as well. This includes the likes of a 2-axel rigid vehicle, and up to a maximum authorised mass of 18 tons if an automatic truck. The heavy goods vehicles our students train in to gain their category C license will usually weigh at least 3500kg. Additionally, the trailers typically have a maximum weight of 750kg. Training is provided for trucks only (no trailer is used during training), and we will provide you with the knowledge and practical tools for how to handle all of these, in all weather conditions, and in all types of terrain you would likely encounter on your long-haul journeys.

You may encounter many challenges, and pass through narrower lanes, road works and other heavy goods vehicles coming the opposite way. Below are the different types of terrain and obstacles our HGV instructors will teach you to navigate safely in heavy goods vehicles. This includes:

  • Motorways

  • Countryside Roads

  • Narrow Country Lanes

  • Town Roads

  • Urban Areas

  • Single, One-Way Roads

  • Passing By Road Works and Obstructions

  • Safely Passing Other Oncoming Rigid Vehicles

On the Road to Qualifying

A theory test is always to be completed first across our driving courses before we even begin. This will nicely provide you with some foundational knowledge and understanding of hazards and rules as we begin your practical lessons.

The training itself consists of a stop/start practice, pulling up at the side of the road, uphill starts, downhill starts, angled starts, lane manoeuvres, reversing manoeuvres and more. Reversing manoeuvres will be performed off site prior to the test. You are entitled to 3 minor faults when around cone areas amongst a dedicated space for this. To perform manoeuvres on the road you are entitled to 12 minor faults before a foul. There is no virtual training, and costs are confirmed with customer after initial consultation.

Let us help you achieve your goals and get you your Class 2 Qualification. Learn everything there is to know about handling your standard lorry and manoeuvring safely across all types of road scenarios and terrain. Contact one of our friendly HGV Instructors today to find out more.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly team of experienced HGV Instructors today on 07787 850516 or 01904 651776 and receive advice regarding training courses.
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