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Category C + E License in Leeds, York and Nearby Areas

As one of the most comprehensive HGV licenses you can hold, it’s no surprise that a category C + E license should be one of the most popular courses with us in Leeds, York and the nearby areas we cover. Not only does this license qualify you, but it also enables you to stand out in your future job applications as a highly desirable professional driver. This is due to the wider ranging skillset in handling heavy goods vehicles the category C + E license qualification covers.

Our HGV instructors offer a range of HGV courses, including a category C license, CAT C + 3 License and more impressive certifications. Just think - you could be out there in high demand and confidently managing a DAF 75 truck and all sorts before you know it.

To find out more about our HGV driver training, contact us today and speak to one of our team. For now, please read on to learn a bit more about why a category C + E license could be the ideal qualification for you and your future career as a professional driver, making national, long-haul deliveries.


HGV License | Training

With our HGV courses, newly qualified professional drivers can walk away with the expert knowledge and certified ability to take on a drawbar or handle any articulated heavy goods vehicle. The ‘E’ part of ‘C + E’ stands for entitlement and means that the driver can handle a vehicle bearing up to 750kg or over in weight. From our courses which qualify you with a C + E license, you should expect:

  • Professional, personable and highly experienced HGV instructors.

  • All training to be based around the DAF 75 truck with the trailer which allows a maximum authorised load of 44 tonnes.

  • All training is to be targeted with providing additional knowledge in handling trailers as you get fully and competently ready for the test.

  • The training provided for the hitching and un-hitching of trailers is tailored to the individual when gaining a CAT C + 3 license. The training is identical to most others, but uniquely held with a trailer.

  • Lessons will start on larger roads to get the learner driver comfortable, and then begin to bring in smaller roads or motorways later on.

Looking Ahead to Your Professional Future

Across the professional driving sphere, it’s important that you come as qualified as possible with credible driving schools such as ours based here in Leeds, York and the surrounding areas. Depend on us to get you certified with highly desirable all-important qualifications that would propel you into the next phase of your career.

With a HGV license as comprehensive as the category C + E license, you can be sure to garner employer demand.

Look ahead to passing with us and taking on those national, long-haul deliveries in your DAF 75 truck and more opportunities thereafter as you gain professional experience. Contact us today and let us help you move forward into a bright future as a professional driver.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly HGV Instructors today on 07787 850516 or 01904 651776 and receive advice regarding training courses.
We are available to you in Leeds, York and all the surrounding areas.
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